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We're open from 5:00pm             Thursday to Saturday.

Winter hours Nov to end of Feb



We care passionately about our food and take great care in sourcing it as locally and ethically  as possible.  We also offer Gluten free options on all courses.


We can assure you that we can trace which farms ALL of our meats are from and that they are ALL reared in Cumbria.  As a result we pay that little bit more for our produce but hope that you will appreciate the taste difference.


Our steaks are dry aged (except Fillet) for added quality and taste, with many different imaginative cuts and we feel that by using our cooking method of cooking on 'The Sizzling Stone' this brings out the best possible taste of the meat itself, keeping it succulent and tender.


Our Cheeses are produced for us by Thornby Moor Dairy and Appleby Creamery both based here in Cumbria and are made with the best possible local ingredients.  


Our bottled water is 100% sourced from rain caught on Cartmell Fell, processed and bottled in Cumbria (an unlimited supply some may say) by Willow Water.


We are blessed to have Keswick Brewing Company who supply our Ales literally on our doorstep.  Located less than a 1 minute walk from where we are, Sue and her team have a real gem of a brewery, using only Cumbrian water in their ales, we could not get a more local Ale and a trip around the brewery is a must.  They also have an small brewery shop where you can purchase a number of Ales directly, from a single bottle to small kegs, ideal for home use and gifts.


We go outside of Cumbria for our wine supplier – Corney and Barrow.  They source directly from the grower/producer so you will not find our wines in any retailers or in any other restaurant in Keswick as we have exclusivity with them.  We feel that by sourcing directly, you get a better quality of wine for a more reasonable price.  We are very proud of our wine list and have 2 sections - a standard list to cater for a more general and regular purchase and a Cellar List for those wishing to try something that is truly special and a worthy treat.


Our Pate is supplied by Burbush in Penrith.  We met Martin Burbush at a local trade fair and were really impressed with his ethos as they also only use the best possible local ingredients, their products are superb, with absolutely nothing artificial added.  The rest of our starters are home made (with the exception of some breads) and again we only use the best possible ingredients, locally sourced where ever possible.


We also have a superb ice cream and sorbet menu, exquisitly produced by Steven who started his company The Handmade Ice Cream company in Ulverston, Cumbria a few years ago.  Steven is a fantastic pastry chef by trade, having worked in a number of high end hotel kitchens for many years and he now makes what we feel are the best ice creams and sorbets on the market.  He only uses the best ingredients and to this day, we don't know how he gets so much flavour into his products simply by only using natural flavours.  We have the regular flavours and then also adult offerings such as Gin and Tonic or Mojito or Toffee Vodka.  Our particular favourite is Gingerbread but they are all stand alone superb products and we are delighted to be able to support such of a great local independant company who shares our passion and values for food.  His website is if you wish to look further.